Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Area rug cleaning is technically not possible without the help of a professional. It can be easy if the rug is made up from synthetic fibre and its lightly soiled. Otherwise, you should never clean your rugs in your home. We offer both type of area rug cleaning services in Los Angeles: In Plant and In house rug cleaning.

Just in case, if you are not sure which type is best suited for you, let us help you. One of our technician will visit your location after phone call confirmation and appointment. They will evaluate the situation of the rug. They will suggest you the best option depending on the stains of urine, vomit, red wine, and anything else.We offer basic rug cleaning to fully restoration of your rugs or anything that comes in between these two options.


What to Expect From a Professional Rug Cleaning Service in Los Angeles?

Most of the companies in Los Angeles think that they are professional, are they? When it comes to choose rug cleaning experts, we differ from other companies in many ways:

  • Carpet Cleaners Los Angeles is a full cleaning and restoration services.
  • We do not sub contract our work.
  • We work on your area rug like we are cleaning our own.
  • We have high quality equipment including truck mounted devices to reach second floor.
  • We work on every type of project starting from small scale in house projects to large scale company projects.
  • We work on cleaning as well as restoration.

Why Hire Us?

As it is very much important for keeping your rug clean, while on the other hand providing job of cleaning the rug to cleaners at professional level is also the best option. There are many companies that provide the rug cleaning services but it is not same. Going the route of rug cleaning with the cleaner might be attractive, but if you want wear and tear to be minimized then it will be very good to give this job to the experts. Either you are looking for on sire or factory cleaning service of area rug, we are always here to help.

Deep Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning always. We do not charge extra like other companies by saying basic package was ordered in quote and now we have to do deep cleaning.

Free Quote

You can directly call us or fill the form so that one of our customer care representatives can get back to you within 24 hours. Unlike other companies, our quote will not change once we reach your location.

Our Process

Our process of stain removal will not sanitise and clean only, yet it also makes rugs looks very fine. We follow 10 steps standard procedure so that we can provide high quality area rug cleaning services.

Best in Price

Besides the use of most advanced equipment, we provide the best competitive rates for rug cleaning in the Los Angeles. Many companies provide the area rug cleaning services but their package, price and quality is not same as ours.

Customer Satisfaction

The main focus of our cleaning process is customer satisfaction. We get customer feedback immediately after cleaning process is finished. After that one of representative will call you for post cleaning feedback.

No sub contract

Most of the companies in Los Angeles subcontract their work to other companies. But we do not subcontract our work. All of your calls will be handled by our same customer support centre every time.

Expert Technicians

Our cleaning experts are IICRC certified professionals and trained enough for inspection, cleaning and restoring the Rugs. They go thorough special training process so that they can deliver high standard work.  

High End Equipment

Our dedicated drying and cleaning equipment have been tested for protecting furnishing and families. We also have truck mounted carper cleaning equipment to reach second floor.

Licensed and insured

We are government approved Rug cleaners in Los Angeles. Moreover, our experience working with the companies of insurance will help you in guiding through the process of claims.

No Harm Chemicals

We use products for cleaning that are hypoallergenic. Our primary goal is that everyone incorporating allergy sufferers get protection from harsh products of cleaning. Our products are certified organic and environment friendly.

All In One Solution

We offer wide range of cleaning services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and pets urine cleaning.We uses a procedure that deeply clean fibers and washes out soil making the rug look fresh and bright once again.

Customer Assistant

We also offer customer assistance over phone calls. If you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment, just give us a call. 

Our Clients Say

How to book us?

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. Here is the simple procedure that you have to follow while booking a carper cleaning with us in Los Angeles.

How rug booking works
  • Tell us what you need: Call us to get a free on call estimate for area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet urine and odor cleaning, and tiles or grout cleaning.
  • Solution Offer: We will schedule the appointment after quote is finalised. It will remain same if there is no additional cleaning required.
  • Schedule Appointment: We will provide customer the details of available slots in order to schedule appointment.
  • Onsite Visit: One of our representative will visit you. If the items have been exposed to wear and tear, we also provide services of carpet repair.
  • Decide Location: We will check the rug carefully and decide where to clean it. Once we are done with cleaning, we will request the customer to take a look and provide us feedback.
  • On Call feedback: One of our quality control officer from the main centre will call you to get the feedback. This is done in order to improve our quality standards.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

Just Contact us

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Area rugs work as a air filter as they trap allergens, dirt and bacteria. They help in prevention of unhealthy elements circulation. So, they need to be cleaned on regular basis.

Rugs are expensive hence can not be replaced on regular basis. They can only be cleaned with the help of trusted professionals. Everyone trust someone experienced and qualified person for rugs cleaning. You can hire us for your next rug cleaning as we focus on every minuet detail of rug cleaning and care. Once we are done with our work, original beauty of rugs will be restored.

  • Save Money: Regular cleaning will not only help you to maintain the looks of rugs but it will also help you to save the money. The area rugs are very expensive hence purchasing rugs every time will be very expensive.
  • Maintain the Look: A home and/or office simply cannot look clean if the rugs in it are not actually clean. Cleaning the area rugs will help you to maintain good looks of the office or home.
  • Prevent Spread of Allergens/Bacteria: We all know that area rugs have Allergens/Bacteria. So regular cleaning of rugs can help you to prevent health issues.
  • Improved Carpet Smell: The people with pets or babies can understand the problem of urine and vomit. The timely cleaning will help you to maintain the good smell of the rugs.
Rug cleaning importance

Methods of Area Rug Cleaning?

There are mainly two methods of rug cleaning: On site and Off site. In the onsite method, we check if the carpet is washable and does not require deep cleaning. To achieve maximum cleanliness, we suggest having your area rugs cleaned at our facility. This can be costly so we request our customers to get a quote before we proceed the transportation process. We can offer the proper quote on-site only. It is tough to estimate the quote for rug cleaning over the phone call.

When to consider in home area rug cleaning?

  • When rug is made up from synthetic fibre.
  • When rug has solid coloured design.
  • When rug is cleaned very frequently.
  • When its easy to move it for drying procedure.
  • When Rug is not so much expensive.

When to consider in plant area rug cleaning?

  • When there is stains of urine on rug.
  • When odor removal is required.
  • When natural fabric cleaning is required. Ex. Silk or wool.
  • When there is multicoloured design on area rug.
  • When rug size exceed 8’ * 10’ and its not easy to move.
  • When heavy soiled rug cleaning is required.

What type of rugs can we clean?

There are many types of rug available in the market. Each type of rug requires special type of treatment. Here is the list of area rugs in which we deal:

Wool Rugs: Wool rugs absorbs humidity easily which makes them difficult to clean. These types of rugs require special attention while we dry them . Rug re-dry is also possible in case of urine stain.

Silk Rugs: The fibres of silk rugs are sturdy which makes them last decades. The dyes on the rug makes it tough to clean the rug. We have to move silk rugs at our rug cleaning point for special cleaning treatment.

Cotton Rugs: Cottons rugs are usually inexpensive. Cleaning them will cost you more than purchasing them. We will give you the best advise after inspecting your rug.

Chenille Rugs: Chenille rugs are made by missing cotton, rayon acrylic and similar items. They must be done with little extra care. One should never use heat while cleaning them.

Jute Rugs: The only approved method to clean jute rugs is dry cleaning. We never wet jute rugs as this will do irreversible damage to the rug. Check for the cleaning code on the back side of the carpet to determine if its a jute rug.

Sisal Rugs: We also deal in sisal rugs cleaning. We make use of mild detergent with limited amount of water to avoid browning the rug. We do not use steam to clean sisal rugs as it will damage the rug.

Synthetic Rugs: The synthetic rugs like nylon, olefin, polyester, rayon, acrylic yarn are easily washable. This is the only type of fibre that we consider cleaning at home. If they have any kind of urine stain or shagginess on it, then we have to take it to our workshop for proper cleaning.

Speciality Rugs: Cleaning of all speciality area rug like leather, sheep skin rugs or horse hair rugs takes approximately two weeks. We will pick and drop it from your home.

Our IICRC certified technicians are trained for both in house and in factory area rug cleaning. We offer on-site quote to clients as there are many types of rug fibres and soiling levels. Each rug is cleaned using different method. We assure quality rug cleaning service in Los Angeles. We also offer rug restoration when it is required.

Our 10 Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

We use high end equipment in order to provide top-notch rug cleaning services to our old and new customers. We make use of environmental friendly cleaning solutions to deliver finest quality results. Additionally, we have staff of skilful artists who can repair any type of rug. They will repair you rug in such a way that you can not find any damage mark on it.

1. Pre-Inspection

Carpet Cleaning Pre Inspection

Step 1: The basic examination includes checking of area rug origin, its condition, fabric type check, and damage parts identification.

  • During the detailed analysis, we note various things like:
  • Does it has any sort of colour fading due to wear of from sun?
  • Is there any signs of urine odors?

Is there any kind of damage that need restoration? We check all of these details prior to start our dusting process.

2. Dusting Process

dusting process

Step 2: We make use of huge tumbler machine for dusting the rug. Rug duster machines are specifically designed to remove dry soil and contaminants. This helps us to reduce wash time.

3. Soak and Washing Process


Step 3: There are some different scenarios for soaking and washing. A rug needs a complete soaking to eliminate odor and proper sanitation. Before hand wash, full rug soaking and disinfection treatment is required to kill bacteria in case of water damage.

The stain removal process depends upon the type of stain. It may be applied before or after rug wash. Some rug stains are easier to treat before wash and some are easy to treat after wash. But a hand wash is given to all of the rugs. We also perform second wash for extra dirty rugs.

4. Moth Damage


Step 4: Moth damage caused by an infestation requires special treatment. Rugs that have moth damage are given a lime wash. The rug soaks in lime bath. A special enzyme soap is used during the hand wash segment to ensure every moth egg is killed.

5. Cleaning Solutions

8 Post-Spot Treatment

Step 5: We make use of very mild soaps for washing procedures. This helps us to maintain the softness and finishing of cleaned rug.

6. Softening Pile Process

6 Deep Steam Cleaning

Step 6: When rugs gets stiff and hard because of improper cleaning of pet urine then this process is required. Water damaged dry rots in rugs also requires a softening procedure.

7. Drying

Rug Drying Process

Step 7: The rug is moved to a room controlled temperature room after completion of washing and rinsing. Here the rug will dry under the circulation of air streams in order to retain its softness.

8. Repair

Rug Repairs 1

Step 8: Our experts will check the rug for hols, rips and other damages caused by “wear and tear”. We also look at the fringes and binding. The rugs usually gets damaged in storage. We help you to keep your precious rugs and carpets in their proper conditions.

9. Rug Protection

10 Scotch Guard and Deodorizer

Step 9: We make use of 3M oily scotch guard to protect the rugs from foot traffic. We suggest our customers to repeat this process after 3 to 4 months. This will ensure proper protection of the rug.

10. Final Inspection

Final Rug Inspection

Step 10: When the rug is properly dry, our team members do one more final inspection. The rug is vacuumed and groomed before its get wrapped in plastic. Then our delivery team will get it back to your home, apartment or office.

Our Services – Know More

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We offer safe & green carpet cleaning services to our clients. We have high end truck mounted cleaning equipment that can reach any floor.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

We offer cleaning & restoration of any type of fabric by providing IN-Plant cleaning & ON-Site area rug cleaning. We also provide pick-up & delivery services.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer steam cleaning and dry cleaning for delicate fabrics such as Velvet,  Haitian cotton, micro suede, or polyester.

Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

We also deal in grout sealing and cleaning. Our process is simple, efficient and very quick. Make grout lines of your bathroom, kitchen and hallways white again.